Evil twins, Jack & the Beanstalk, and modified dodgeball

The AAAN summer program at Bridgeview Public Library is in its fourth week. It takes place in a few room’s in the library’s basement, abuzz with participants, staff, volunteers, and a few family members. Here’s a snapshot from today:

The oldest group is working with staff member Laila Younes on improvisational acting skills. They played one game called “Evil Twins,” in which two teams of two people–one designated good twin and one evil twin–act out a scene, with the good and evil twin switching in and out of the scene, picking up where the other left off.

Pictured is a game where players were assigned the identity of an inanimate object, and had to describe what their function was without giving away what they were.

“Now we’re going to make a bean stalk,” said AAAN staff member Medinah Abdelmuti when she finished finished reading “Jack and the Beanstalk” to the youngest group of summer campers. “I knew it!” said one small boy with a look of complete glee.

Near-winner Zaki gets permission from staff member Nuer Alshaikh to use his full force for the last two throws.


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